This is what people love about working with me.


When I signed up to work with Chloe I had no idea the treasure that I stumbled upon.

Chloe is an amazing problem solver - basically give her a task and she will resolve it with integrity, quickly and with grace. She is goal-oriented and an action-taker. You want something done - she will not only get it done in less time than you thought possible but will always go above and beyond. I’ve witnessed her virtually teach herself and then excel at whatever task I asked her to help me with. She also wrote my blog posts and after talking with her about my vision she found the words that captured my essence virtually to a tee.

She is quick, witty and a pleasure to work with. She is also a fantastic creative writer. Really, Chloe is a goldmine I highly encourage you to relish in!

— Lucia Ray


If you want someone with an extreme eye for detail, in-depth knowledge of marketing and copywriting or to take your manuscript to the next level, Chloe is the natural choice. She is detail-oriented and delivers incredible results, no matter the project.

Her insight into marketing, brand message and the long-game of business is invaluable. She’s really, really good.

— Jon Low


Working with Chloe has changed the face of my business! 

Chloe has helped me take my passion and life’s work from no online presence to a professional and thriving online presence taking my business to a level I never dreamed was possible.

Chloe’s background as an English teacher has not only been an asset in writing and editing for me but she also teaches everything in a very systematic and simple manner that it is so easy to understand and implement. Her technical and writing skills have helped me to fine tune the content on my website, enhance my blog and Facebook posts and expand my business opportunities. I love her step-by-step approach and it has helped to keep me focused, on track and productive.

The whole process of working with Chloe has been very rewarding. Chloe helped me to take something very overwhelming for me (an online marketing system) and make it simple and enjoyable. Chloe took the time to really got to know me and my philosophy and was able to help me brand exactly what I hoped to achieve.

Chloe stands above the rest because she has a heart of gold and really cares about my success. She has great interpersonal skills, is great to work with and eager to help me have a greater impact. She is always accessible and truly cares.

I highly recommend Chloe’s writing and business coaching skills to anyone that wants to take their business to the next level and beyond!

— Cheryl Giambattista


Working with Chloe has been a life-save! No matter the task, Chloe over-delivers and makes sure that I can rest easy knowing that everything is running smoothly for my business. Her attention for detail, creativity and problem solving has helped my business get up and running, while providing a vision for the future.

She is an excellent writer as well as a wealth of knowledge to creatively solve any problem I have with reaching my business goals.

— Kristin McMahon


Chloe has always been responsive, reliable and willing to do whatever it takes to give us what we didn’t even know we needed. Her work exceeded expectations every time!

— Adria Collins