The Entire Universe is Inside You - Goal Setting eBook

The Entire Universe is Inside You - Goal Setting eBook

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51 page goal setting eBook & worksheets (15 worksheets, 8600 words of instructions and guiding philosophy).

You'll start by taking a step back to evaluate your wants and needs, plus identify the things you want to move away from.

From there, you'll be prompted with numerous thought exercises to help determine your 10+ year vision.

Next, you'll outline the different areas of your life that require solid goals in order to help achieve your vision. Then the goal setting begins! 

Every step is outlined and detailed, with the philosophy behind it to guide you and a worksheet to help lay it all out.

There are inspirational quotes, links to further reading and research to support the different tactics, plus examples that will help you with your own goal and vision writing.

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Part One: Soul Searching

Part Two: Fierce Awareness & Aligned Action

Part Three: Habits & Beliefs

Part Four: Time & Space

Part Five: The Essence of all Dreams

Part Six: Conclusion

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